Parametric 3D Box and Lid

Often, when doing a project, it stays i sort of a ‘experimental’ state coz of lack of a proper casing. I designed a universal box and lid in Freecad. It is parameter driven, which means you can just fill in the required measures in a spreadsheet and you are good to go. Mind you that both the lid and the case need to have the parameters set.
You will find a parameter called ‘shim’. That is just to create a tiny bit of space between the lid extrusion and the casing. For a very tight fit set it to ‘0’

The files are available here.

Spreadsheet for the lid
Spreadsheet for the case

Te above will create a box with outer dimensions of 75x55x30 mm. The wall thickness will be 2 mm. two flaps of 5x5mm are added with a screw hole of 3mm (i advise to make the flaps and the hole a bit bigger, say 8xb8 mm and a 4-5mm hole.) It should fit a standard 5×7 cm veroboard.

The casing has 2 holes, one for a 3mm LED and one for cables going in and out. They can b easily removed if not necessary