ESP8266-01 Neopixel module

In Chinese webstores a “ESP-01S RGB LED Controller Module for Arduino IDE WS2812 Light Ring Smart Electronic DIY” module is sold for less than a dollar  (if you buy it without the ESP8266-01). The module contains everything that is needed to have an ESP8266-01S control a Neopixel strip

The module uses GPIO2 as output for the Neopixel(s). Suitable Software can be found here. Make sure you use the new ESP8266-01S with this module. The ESP8266-01S has the necessary pull up resistors already available. If you use the standard ESP8266-01 you need to attach the required pullups yourself.

6 thoughts on “ESP8266-01 Neopixel module”

  1. Hi, I have a comparable solution as above. I use a Neopixel ring and this ring is in a fixture of aluminium. I would like to make the aluminium work as a capacitive touch sensor. Therefore I need a another readable pin. The use of this pin should not prevent booting or OTA updates. Any idea how to do that?


    1. The esp8266-01 is not particularly suited to be used as touchsensor.
      Your best option might be to buy a touchsensor module like the TTP223 for a few dimes and isevthat in between the fixture and your esp.
      As towards the pin to be used. The pin that the mode used gpio2 so thats out. You do not want gpio0 so all thats left is gpio1 or gpio3. These are as you know the two UART pins. They should work as regular i/o pins but to make sure use the
      commands and do not use any print statements

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