Toggling a button in App Inventor

toggleApp Inventor is an easy piece of software  that starts you off in developing Android apps. If instead of two buttons to switch a state ON or OFF you want to have a button that toggles, the image shows how that is done.
Suppose I have a button called “bThuisToggle” it carries an image called “huis.png”. If I click it I want it to send a byte (85) and the next time I click it I want it to send another byte (117). I also want the image of the button to change into “huis_uit.png”.
The block in the picture shows clearly how to do that

6 thoughts on “Toggling a button in App Inventor”

    1. My pleasure. It is one of those things that once you know how you wonder why you hadnt thought of it before 🙂

  1. Thanks for pointing me to App Inventor. It is a fantastic environment to build simple things, prototype, and teach kids some technology.

    1. My pleasure. I have been digging in all sorts of tools that sometimes needed a gazillion bytes on my harddisk and were difficult to master. This is just an easy to master tool to quickly write apps

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