Modifying the cam32 webserver HTML file
Controlling the LED on the ESP32 CAM using Bluetooth
ESP32 CameraModule
Using Telegram with ESP8266 or ESP32


Very deep sleep and energy saving on esp8266: Part 5 ESP-NOW
Very deep sleep: Part 4 subscribing to MQTT messages
Very deep sleep: Part 3 MQTT
Very Deep sleep and energy saving on esp8266: Part 2 sending data with HTTP
Very-deepsleep-and-energy-saving-on-esp8266: Part 1-Basics
Using Telegram with ESP8266 or ESP32
A cheap 1-channel  relaymodule for ESP8266-01: modifications revisited
Sending ESP8266-sensordata to GoogleSheet
An ESP8266-with-static IP sending DHT11 data via MQTT, going into DeepSleep
Connecting an ESP8266 to the outside world
Adding ADCchannels to an ESP8266
ESP8266-01 Neopixel module
The HTU21d-on-an-esp8266-01
Simple WiF relay board 3
Simple WiFi relay board or DIY Sonoff SV 4 Channel: 2
Flashing sonoff touch no soldering
Battery-fed DeepSleep Weatherstation revisited
A battery-fed MQTT Weatherstation
Controlling Neopixel or RGB LED with OpenHAB
Adding an mcp23017 16-port io expander to arduino or esp8266
Upload data to ThingSpeak through MQTT with an ESP8266/


Reading the DHT11 or DHT22 on the raspberry via an overlay and send it to the OpenHAB REST api
The 16 relay module and the raspberry pi not an ideal marriage
Measuring analog values on a raspberry pi without adc
Boot problems after mounting a usb stick on a raspberry pi zero
Controlling a raspberry gpio pin on a remote raspberry
Read a dht sensor on raspberry pi and mqtt the results
OpenHAB GPIO Example


stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x7c
Storing sensor data on a local server using POST or GET client side
storing-data-in-csv-files-and-presenting-it-in-a-graph-with Arduino and ENC28j60
Arduino watchdog-timer
The W5100-bug
Adding an mcp23017 16-port io expander to arduino or esp8266

Electret Microphone amplifier
EEPROM on Arduino with I2C
A dimmer for Arduino
A buzzer for the Arduino
7 Segment display on Arduino with 595
Arduino on 1.5 Volt
Solving the D13 problem on your Arduino
Arduino Ethernetshield
Simple Arduino revisited
Atmega 644
Arduino Comparison
Driving a Stepper with bitwise manipulation on Arduino
Identifying and using a stepper motor on Arduino
Protection for Arduino ports
Serialcommunication with DIY Arduino using a 7404
Simple DIY Arduino with 3.3Volt
Simple SD card interface for Arduino
3-Wire LCD
SD Card for Arduino
RS232 level converter for Arduino
Bluetooth for Arduino
Simple DIY Arduino
Serialconnection for your DIY Atduino/Atmega
Timer interrupts
Arduino Hardware interrupt
LED Fade


Programming hexcode on an attiny with the arduino
Garduino: an Attiny for your garden
An Attiny for your garden
Program an Attiny with an Arduino Nano


I2C Address conflicts
Using a MAX6675-temperature-sensor-without-a-library
IS-the SI1145-reliable-or-is-it-a-piece-of-crap
IFTTT Webhooks on Arduino
MQTT for beginners
reverse-polarity-protection-with a P-MOSFET
The LM335 and its serieresistor
The W5100-bug
Adding an MCP23017 16-port io expander to arduino or esp8266
A Capacitive soil moisture sensor: Part-4
Calculating Sunrise and Sunset on Arduino or other microcontroller

Versatile microcontroller PSU
Cheap PIR hack”
PowerLED drivers”
A Tachometer
Opamp to irrigate your Garden (newer, better)
OpAmp to irrigate your Garden
Using MOSFETs with TTL levels (5 volt and3V3)
3-Wire LCD
Identifying LCD modules

A cheap 1-channel relaymodule for ESP8266-01: modifications revisited
The 16 channel relay module and the raspberry: Not an ideal marriage
How to use a popular 1 channel Webstore relay on 3V3 / Re-inverting an inverting relay
Simple WiFi relay board (3)
Simple WiFi relay board or DIY Sonoff SV Sonoff 4-channel (2)
Simple WiFi relay board or DIY Sonoff SV Sonoff 4-channel (1)

Single channel TRIAC Switch
4 channel Solid Staterelay for microcontroller